Optima Tax Relief is the nation’s premier company helping Americans deal with the aggressive collection practices of State and Federal tax collection agencies.  

Despite being heavily entrenched in traditional Direct Response marketing channels such as Television and Radio, Optima found themselves experiencing higher opportunity and cost per sales in their effort to expand their reach and grow their company. The little experience they previously had targeting this niche clientele in the email marketing space had proven ineffective, as their campaigns were plagued by fraudulent traffic and low quality traffic.

Enter EPath Digital and our vast experience creating and optimizing email  traffic campaigns. EPath Digital was able to build the email marketing channel into a significant component of Optima’s new customer acquisition strategy while taking a large chunk out of their competitors’  business. EPath Digital is thrilled to have played a role in Optima Tax being awarded the INC. 5000 Fastest Growing Financial Services Company. As Optima Tax  has grown in the 16+ months that we have worked together, the scope of the relationship has grown significantly and that is exactly what we strive for.

  • Despite our initial skepticism based on the previous efforts of our experienced internal marketing team, we gave EPath Digital a chance to prove they could make email work for our niche business. The team at EPath was exceptional to work with and earned a tenfold increase in budget as they helped our company grow.
    Harry Langenberg Founder, Optima Tax Relief


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