It’s Not the Leads, It’s You

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bbaskinEnough excuses.

I’ve run a number of sales teams in my career, and even spent some time in the mid 90’s training automobile dealers on how to create an effective sales process working Internet leads – at the time, it was the antithesis of their traditional sales process. In fact, it was with the very first Internet lead company, autobytel. Managing my own consumer fulfillment sales teams since those times, if I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that the leads were not good, I’d be a very rich man. My response has always been: “Then why is so-and-so consistently making $20k-$30k a month working the same leads you are?”

Because it’s rarely the leads, that’s why.

As a lead generator, I’ve worked with thousands of forward and reverse mortgage lenders and brokers over the years. I’ve had the opportunity to share processes with these lenders and aggregate best practices. Some of these clients have seen tremendous ROI and consider our leads the best thing since sliced bread, yet a few don’t see success using a subset of the very same leads. Why is that? The leads are effective as you are. Process, positioning, and competitiveness matter. A microcosm of this is why most sales organizations consistently have certain sales people at the top of the board, the middle of the board, and those who should seek other employment. The top producers are not necessarily more talented than anyone else, although that is a small part of it. What top sales people do tend to have in common, however, is a better sales process, a better pitch, the ability to connect with people, and personal drive (defined as work ethic), in which excuses are just not acceptable. They hold themselves accountable and find ways to succeed, not excuses as to why they fail. Again, the leads are as effective as you are; the deals are in there.

CEO Bill Baskin has a deep understanding of reveres mortgage leads.When I first started generating and selling Internet leads in 1995, training sales teams to work them had an extra challenge we don’t have now: First we had to explain what the Internet was and then sell them a computer so they could work the leads! These days, our firm generates and delivers more than 10,000 exclusive reverse mortgage leads per month to a lender you may be working for or with.

Since the ’90s, most people have used the Web to research products, review them and ultimately make a buying decision based on what they’ve read and learned. The Web is a double-edged sword in this regard, as there is as much misinformation as good information out there on reverse mortgages.

The most important thing I’ve come to understand as a lead generator is that a reverse mortgage is not a commodity product that everyone understands. There are many misperceptions from consumers caused by the word “reverse.” Few people realize that it’s really just a traditional mortgage, but with more payment options and flexibility, as it can “pay” you (thus the “reverse”). How many other loans allow you to choose when and how you pay it back, or not pay it back at all, during your lifetime? I often hear that it’s expensive, and my response is, “Expensive compared with what other loan you don’t have to effectively pay back during your lifetime?”

I fully believe in reverse mortgages and the incredible financial options they offer retirees, and it excites me to introduce so many consumers to this product. Using the proceeds of a reverse mortgage just to defer Social Security until 70 can increase a borrower’s benefits by 76 percent and prevent a borrower from draining their investments, which are also earning a return. Proceeds can be used to start a second career, buy a dream vacation home, downsize through a HECM for Purchase or simply help pay for the golden years. As a salesperson, it’s important to understand that your prospects may have applied for a quote after reading only a few bullet points highlighting the benefits of a reverse mortgage, so they probably need a lot more education and a greater comfort level to make them ready to buy. Although I will cover “how to work leads” in another article, today I want to focus on why leads work and how to choose a lead company.


NowItCounts revamps website to reflect increased audience. The online destination for Americans 50+ elevates user-experience.

With a mission to improve the user experience for an ever growing audience, NowItCounts, the online destination for Americans 50+, introduces a new web design to accommodate its recent 400% increase in traffic. offers, engaging content for adults 50+ to read about their favorite celebrities, learn about must-go travel destinations, discover the best in food and drink, receive expert financial, beauty, health and grooming advice, and devour provocative features.

“This redesign demonstrates our ongoing commitment to improve the quality of service we provide our readers,” said NowItCounts | NiC Magazine’s Editor in Chief, Richard Pérez-Feria. “The new look and interface is a way to provide useful information to the 80 million U.S. consumers, who are a part of this dynamic generation, and helped increase our traffic fourfold.”

One of the reasons for the explosive growth to is its successful content relationships with The Huffington Post and The Motley Fool, as well as an ever-expanding presence on its social media platforms.

In the spirit of celebrating NowItCounts | NiC Magazine’s one-year anniversary, the redesign will enhance the user experience with a modern, clean and easy-to-read website that incorporates the latest technology for mobile and social media. The content on the website has been formatted for any device including desktop, phone or tablet, allowing optimal viewing. The redesign will also include new and enhanced content, such as BuzzFeed-like quizzes and surveys, as well as a “Breaking Now” section to clearly showcase the top news stories.


The editor’s unorthodox career continues with Now it Counts or NIC, the website-withmagazine targeted to the 50-plus demo and available gratis (and ad-free) through “Two years ago, I was asked to develop the Complete Senior concept by ePath Digital CEO Bill Baskin,” says Pérez-Feria, a late-stage baby-boomer who had just turned 50 himself. “My reaction was that ‘senior’ was synonymous with ‘you’re not dead yet,’ and it would have the same marketing problems as 50 Plus, which failed in the 1990s, and Modern Maturity, which the AARP had to put its own name on for its 22 million members in the early-2000s.”

“For many in the demo, NIC means no longer raising children and paying mortgages. That is why [the bimonthly’s] first two covers–Madonna and Barbra Streisand–are so radiant. This is not another platform for ‘anti-aging’; rather, it’s being ‘pro-gorgeous.'” It is an optimism first expressed by Pérez-Feria as the 1993 founding editor of Poz, when the HIV-positive audience were perceived to be under a death sentence. Such contributors as Maureen Dowd and Andrew Sullivan helped earn Poz a 1997 “general excellence” National Magazine Award nomination, and his 2003-2005 stint as People en Español editor brought such People mainstays as Most Beautiful and Bachelors to a magazine endemic to the bilingual Pérez-Feria because his parents had fled Castro’s Cuba. That is why he wrote Longing for the Cuba of My Dreams in the February/March NIC, as the Obama administration’s new “open door” might enable the Boston-born Pérez-Feria to finally “set foot in the country where I am from.”

Laguna Beach, CA – October 9, 2014. ePath Digital and Complete Senior, Inc. are proud to announce the re-branding of and CS Magazine to and NiC Magazine. The website and magazine will continue to be the must-know destinations for all Americans 50+.

Common to both and NiC Magazine is crucial information that impacts the health, money and family of everyone 50+. Additionally, and NiC Magazine will continue to be the most reliable resources where adults 50+ can read about their favorite celebrities in exclusive interviews, learn about unexpected travel destinations, discover the best in food and drink, take expert beauty advice, entertain themselves with games and devour provocative entertainment features.

"I can’t properly express how excited I am to editorially and creatively helm the beautifully re-branded website and magazine," says Richard Pérez-Feria, and NiC Magazine’s Vice President, Editor in Chief. " and NiC Magazine mirror perfectly the life-affirming content we’ve been providing since our launch. I also love the new name because it reflects how my team and I approach every story, every feature, every cover of the magazine and the website’s homepage. I know NiC will catch on like wildfire."

“It’s always a difficult decision to re-brand an ever-increasing media entity, but we feel that and NiC Magazine best reflect the relevant content and our company’s philosophy perfectly,” says Bill Baskin, Chief Executive Office of ePath Digital and Complete Senior, Inc. “In many significant ways, nothing is different today except the name—the stories are as compelling as ever, the design is striking and the future is bright. We’re so happy that NiC is here and know you will be, too.”

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“The pervasive occurrences of major corporations experiencing security breaches in which hackers steal consumer data, has put tens of millions of consumers at risk of identity theft. Recent news headlines have brought the issue of exposure of personal information to the forefront, and now more than ever, consumers are searching for better solutions that protect them and complement their lives,” said Bill Baskin, Chief Executive Officer of ePath Digital. “The Internet has become the primary vehicle for consumers to purchase products and services, so today almost everyone has entered their personal info online. This risk is not just limited to online transactions, but even offline transactions involving a credit or debit card. LifeLock is there to allow people to enjoy peace of mind with protection from personal data theft.”

About LifeLock:
LifeLock, Inc. (NYSE: LOCK), is a leading provider of proactive identity theft protection services for consumers and identity risk assessment and fraud protection services for enterprises. Since 2005, LifeLock has been relentlessly protecting identities by providing consumers with the tools and confidence they need to help protect themselves from identity theft and manage their credit. In October 2012, Javelin Strategy & Research named LifeLock Ultimate™ a “Best in Class Overall” identity theft protection solution and also named it “Best in Detection”. In March 2012, LifeLock further demonstrated its commitment to combating identity fraud with the purchase of ID Analytics, Inc., a leader in enterprise identity risk management that provides visibility into identity risk and credit worthiness. ID Analytics, Inc. currently operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of LifeLock, Inc.

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ePath Digital provides high quality consumer Internet traffic to numerous industries in the financial services, green energy, and senior markets. With extensive industry experience and high integrity, ePath Digital’s goal is to deliver campaigns that deliver a strong ROI for its advertisers. ePath Digital also publishes and CS magazine, catering to the over 50 lifestyle. For more information visit

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